Why Every Financial Sector Need A UPS

Because the banking and the financial sectors play a pivotal role in economic growth and stability, the industry requires an uncompromised level of reliability and uptime — and a high-quality power protection solution is an investment that yields huge dividends. In fact, an uninterruptible power system (UPS) is one of the most cost-effective means of safeguarding critical equipment, protecting highly sensitive data, and ensuring consumers maintain continuous access to funds.

Save your skin: 3 reasons why an effective UPS maintenance service is essential to your business

Like all electronic and electrical equipment, A UPS needs sufficient maintenance in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure optimal reliability. However, a UPS located in harsh environmental conditions can fail even if it is well-maintained. The number one way to keep your UPS up and running is to schedule regular maintenance checks. Here are […]

All you need to know about Makelsan LevelUps 10 – 1000 kVA

LevelUps series with Innovative 3 Level Technology is a true on-line double conversion, three-phase UPS system that provides one of the highest level energy efficiencies in the industry. Highlights of the LevelUps Series 10 – 1000 kVA include: • True Three Level Rectifier and Inverter Technology • Ultra High Energy Effiency • Full Rated Power Factor kW=kVA Features: […]

Actolog Exhibits at Power Nigeria Conference 2018

The much anticipated conference/exhibition begins today. The 3 day conference is expected to draw organisations from all over the world and to provide the ideal platform for organisations to position themselves as a thought leader in one of the most dynamic African Power and Electricity markets. This leading exhibition has established a distinct reputation with […]

Register Now! It’s 5 days to Power Nigeria Conference

Don’t miss out on endless possibilities. Power Nigeria Conference  2018 is just five days away. Learn about the latest power solutions including mini-grids, hybrid systems and utility scale energy, and earn CPD points at the Power Nigeria Agenda This is the biggest International power conference in Nigeria and West Africa with exhibitors/Manufacturers  coming from all […]

Actolog Exhibits at Power Nigeria 2018

  ACTOLOG is pleased to invite you to POWER NIGERIA 2018 CONFERENCE/EXHIBITION This is the biggest International power conference in Nigeria and West Africa with exhibitors/Manufacturers  coming from all over the world. Please see list of Exhibitors https://www.power-nigeria.com/en/exhibit/2018-exhibitor-directory.html ACTOLOG in partnership with MAKELSAN UPS is a GOLD EXHIBITOR at Stand 1.A05 Attendance is strictly be […]

Secure Your Servers, Storage and Network Systems | Buy PowerPack 1 – 10kVA UPS

With Makelsan Powerpack se rt online ups, protect your servers, storage and network system against the cuts! Powerpack provides 25% more power at the output in comparison to standard 0.7 power factor UPS systems and supports more sensitive equipment. For more information and product specifications, visit: http://www.makelsan.com.tr/ups/urundetay/powerpack-se-rt-serisi-1-2-3-kva/index-102.html Or send a mail to sales@actolog.com or info@actolog.com

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