Makelsan UPS for Data Center Solutions

Uninterruptible services and business continuity are critical to today’s data center and IT facilities. To achieve this, a clean and secure supply of power is key factors. Any power failure can have a devastating effect on impact on mission-critical computers, communications, and data resulting in costly downtime. Makelsan UPS provides cost-effective, highly reliable, uninterruptible power […]

Discover the Most Rugged UPS: PowerPack SE Series 6 – 10 kVA

With its widest input frequency range (40 – 70 Hz) and true double version, digital signal processors technology, wide input voltage range (110 -300V)  amongst several amazing features, the PowerPack SE Series 6 – 10kVA is unarguably the most rugged UPS. This was a major discovery at the workshop/training for Power Engineers. During the interactive session, […]

Olusesi discusses 5 Common Components of a UPS

The common components of a UPS include; The Main Board; The Central board is the main heart of the UPS. Like the brain, it controls the whole signals. The Rectifier; The rectifier converts D.C to A.C. The rectifier has two main functions. One is to charge the batteries (like an alternator in a car) so your […]

Pictures from Practical Workshop for Power Engineers

The much anticipated workshop has kicked off today. The workshop is aimed at discussing relevant skills, new discoveries and standards of operations in UPS, STABILIZERS and INVERTERS. Major topics covered so far by the facilitator includes; Common Components of UPS and their features, 5 questions to ask before selecting a power protection for critical system, […]

More Photos from Actolog CEO’s visit to Makelsan, Istanbul Turkey.

  John Akadu, CEO of Actolog Limited in Nigeria visited business partners Malkelsan UPS on Monday 21st of January. The trip was geared towards business expansion strategies with the top management of the company and to discuss design and implementation challenges with the Research and Development department as well as see their new innovations that could […]

Get more power with our high performance 3 phase power protection designed for maximum flexibility (BOXER SERIES 10-800 kVA)

    (Online UPS) BOXER SERIES 10-800 kVA  (Three Phase / Three Phase) High performance 3 phase power protection designed for maximum flexibility • True On Line-Double Conversion Technology (Class VFI-SS-111) • IGBT PWM Rectifier & Inverter Technology • DSP Control • Low Input Current THD (<3%) • High Input Power Factor (>0.99) • High Efficiency up to 93% • Optional Dual Input […]


In recent years, elevator manufacturers have replaced the conventional elevator motors with Regenerative drives. The modern regenerative drives are designed to conserve much needed energy. This modern solution conserves energy by ‘harvesting’ excess energy from the elevator during its descent and feeding this excess energy back to the grid.

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