Customized Home and Office solutions that powers you for life

Makelsan UPS’s offers longer lasting, higher quality backup power solutions.

Surges, frequency variations and power disturbances are amongst the potentially damaging threats that you would not normally be protected against in your electricity supply. Makelsan offers a range of home and small office UPS systems to suit every budget and application.

With the rise of entertainment systems, expensive households with multimedia and critical electronics, the users require ever higher protection from power outages and higher quality power supply.

Makelsan offers many UPS products to secure power protection for computers, networks, routers/modems, external storage devices, game consoles and other critical electronics in your home office or small business and keep you connected.



These solutions can be applied to your

  • Personal computers,
  • Entertainment systems,
  • Routers/modems,
  • External storage devices,
  • Game consoles,
  • ATM machines / POS systems.



If you like to contact us, please us a mail or call us on +234-1-3427-334
We sell and install the best brand of UPS, Stabilizers, and Inverters. We provide solutions to power/energy challenges
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